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Iowa City To Survey Residential Broadband Service

Tue, 03/05/2013 - 10:42 -- Hans

Contacts: Hans Hoerschelman, Iowa City Telecommunications Chair 
hoerschelman@gmail.com; or
Mike Brau, Iowa City Cable TV Administrative Assistant
319-356-5017, mike-brau@iowa-city.org

Ever wonder who has the fastest internet connection in town? Feel like your download speeds aren't up to snuff? City officials had the same concerns, and have developed a simple survey to collect data on residential broadband service in the Iowa City area.

The Iowa City Telecommunications Commission (ICTC), a volunteer board appointed by the City Council, is tasked in part with monitoring and evaluating the telecommunications systems in Iowa City. This includes working with internet service providers, like Mediacom and Century Link, to see how customers' broadband needs are being met. 

In collaboration with City staff, the ICTC designed a survey to collect information about residential broadband, now live online at iowacitytelecom.com. Paper versions of the survey are also available upon request to the City of Iowa City's cable administration office at 356-5017.

"We are looking to get a better picture of the strengths and weaknesses of broadband service in Iowa City," said Hans Hoerschelman, the outgoing Chair of the commission. "The survey responses will let us know what people want, how they use broadband at home and their experience with the services currently available. This data can help internet service providers improve the services they offer now and uncover where Iowa City thinks it should be headed in terms of broadband internet."

The City of Iowa City may also use the results to assist in community planning and development, and to promote economic development.

The Commission will compile results and make a report available to the public. The Commission hopes to craft a similar survey on the state of broadband service for businesses after the residential survey is completed.

The residential broadband survey will collect responses for approximately two months, but Hoerschelman encouraged residents to complete it soon. "The sooner we have responses, the sooner we can compile those responses into something truly useful to our residents," he said.

Residents of the Iowa City area are encouraged to fill out the survey at http://iowacitytelecom.com. Questions about the survey can be addressed through the online "Contact" form at the survey site, or to Mike Brau at 319-356-5017, mike-brau@iowa-city.org.